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Pedro Pascal

What is Pedro Pascal’s web worth?

Net Worth:         $10 Million

Age:       46

Born:     April a pair of, 1975

Country of Origin:            Chile

Source of Wealth:            Professional Actor

Last Updated:    2021


Pedro Pascal may be a Chilean-born Yankee actor from Chile. As of 2021, Pedro Pascal’s web value is calculable to be roughly $10 million.

Early Life

Jose Pedro Balmaceda Pascal was born on the ordinal of April 1975, in Santiago, Chile. His mother, speedwell Pascal Ureta, was a baby man of science, and his father, José Balmaceda, may be a fertility doctor; his younger brother Lucas Balmaceda is an Associate in Nursing actor in Chile.

Pascal’s folks were Allende supporters and were concerned within the opposition movement against the military totalitarianism of Augusto Pinochet in Chile around the time of Pascal’s birth.


Pascal has appeared in many tv series, as well as ‘Buffy the lamia killer,’ ‘The sensible married woman,’ ‘Homeland,’ ‘The Mentalist, and ‘Graceland.’

In Gregorian calendar month 2013, he was forged as Oberyn Martell within the fourth season of the HBO series ‘Game of Thrones. Pascal declared that he was a large fan of Game of Thrones before being forged as Oberyn and was rapturous to affix.

In April 2015, Pascal co-starred with Heidi Klum within the music video for Sia’s ‘Fire Meet Gasoline”¨.’ In 2017, he asterisked as Agent John Barleycorn in Matthew Vaughn’s ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ and as mercenary Pero Tovar in ‘The bulwark.’

It was declared that Pascal would play the character within the initial live-action Star Wars series ‘The Mandalorian’ international organization 2018, which debuted on Disney+ in Gregorian calendar month 2019. He has additionally asterisked as Francisco ‘Catfish’ Morales within the heist drama ‘Triple Frontier’ in 2019.

As of this year, Pascal was forged within the Judd Apatow film ‘The Bubble.’ Later that month, Pascal was forged within the lead role of Joel Miller for the approaching HBO adaptation of ‘The Last people.’

As of 2021, Pedro Pascal’s web value is calculable to be roughly $10 million.

How will Pedro Pascal pay His Money?

Pedro Pascal spends a number of his cash on his realty in l.  a.

Pedro Pascal’s Home

Pascal owns a good-looking point l.  a., California.


Here area unit a number of the simplest highlights of Pedro Pascal’s career:

The Great Wall (Movie, 2016)

The Equalizer (Movie, 2018)

Triple Frontier (Movie, 2019)

Wonder Woman 1984 (Movie, 2020)

Favorite Quotes from Pedro Pascal

“I am such a ‘True Detective’ fan. I used to be anticipating it every Sunday because it came. I’m a sci-fi fan. I used to be very hooked on the ‘Battlestar Galactica’ series. I feel I in hand each box set of ‘Battlestar Galactica.’ I additionally very love ‘Bob’s Burgers.” – Pedro Pascal

“Your typical public colleges and my begetter would take the U.S. to the films weekly, or he’d obtain scalped tickets to San Antonio Spurs games. My parents, United Nations agency was terribly young, took the U.S. to ascertain The Police in the capital of Texas, and Iggy Pop opened.” – Pedro Pascal

“I have the bromide ‘struggling actor’ story and went bent on L.A. before long once graduation to urge some jobs, however it didn’t compute. I wished to chop my teeth in skilled theater, thus I came back to the big apple. It created my journey an extended one, however, I actually wished to surpass within the theater.” – Pedro Pascal

“Being Latino Associate in Nursingd being an actor has been a novel struggle and chance. once you don’t work into what is also a lot of stereotypic vision of someone whose name is Pedro is, it is often a bit tougher to navigate.” – Pedro Pascal

“My sister was making an attempt to urge an increase out of Pine Tree State by telling Pine Tree State, ‘This happened, which happened, and so Superman did this and so, you know, the earthquake and spinning around the planet.’” within the face of such relentless relative mockery.” – Pedro Pascal

3 psychological feature Lessons from Pedro Pascal

Now that you just recognize all regarding Pedro Pascal’s web value and the way he achieved success; let’s take a glance at a number of the teachings we will learn from him:

1. Don’t decide

Don’t suppose or decide. simply listen.

2. Darkness

Darkness will not drive out darkness: solely lightweight can do this.

3. You’re On Your Own

You have brains in your head. Have your feet in your shoes. you’ll steer yourself in any direction you select. You’re on your own.

Outside of tv, he has appeared within the films ‘The bulwark,’ ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle,’ ‘The Equalizer 2’, ‘Triple Frontier,’ ‘Wonder girl 1984’ and ‘We are often Heroes.’

As of 2021, Pedro Pascal’s web value is calculable to be roughly $10 million.

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