5 Reasons To Buy Quality Natural Wholesale Diamonds In Arlington

Natural Wholesale Diamonds In Arlington

Wholesale Diamonds In Arlington! Most people still prefer natural diamonds compared to lab-grown diamonds due to several reasons. Natural diamonds may be pricey but their demand is still high since they never get out of fashion.

Wholesale diamonds in Arlington are being offered by several wholesale diamond stores and they can be a good choice since you can get them at a more affordable price. 

What are the Reasons to Buy Quality Natural Wholesale Diamonds

1. They Have A History

It is undeniable that people are still amazed at how diamonds are formed and they are pricey for a reason. The formation of diamonds for billions of years makes its value higher, and desirable. Diamonds are formed under the earth’s mantle around 93 to 155 miles deep then they are pushed upward by the pressure and this is where they are mined. 

2. They’re Essentially A Collector’s Item

Natural diamonds are not that easy to produce which makes them more in demand, especially for people who want to collect special gems. There are diamonds that are special and rare just like naturally colored diamonds. They can be a good collection since their value increases over time since they are one in a million.  

3. They Can Be Eco-Friendly

Natural diamonds are mined and this poses a concern to buyers since they know that the environment is being destroyed just to get diamonds, however through advancing technology there is development on how natural diamonds are dug up in a more environmentally friendly way. These methods are done to make the buyer feel less guilty when they purchase diamonds. 

4. They Can Be Conflict-Free

There are diamonds that are illegally mined or taken in illegal ways and they are referred to as blood diamonds. These diamonds are not appealing to buyers and so some have to make sure that the diamond they are buying does not belong to this kind of diamond.

Buying natural diamonds from legit stores can assure their buyers that they are conflict-free, especially if you will be buying them from wholesale diamond sellers since they deal directly from the course and they make sure it is legal. 

5. They Can Help Support Communities

The continuous purchase of natural diamonds is helping Arlington boost its economy by giving more jobs to its residents as well as contributing to the increase of revenue on the market of diamonds. 

How to test if Diamond is Real or Not 

There are several tests that can be done to test whether the diamond is real or not. Since synthetic diamonds may appear like real diamonds. Here are some ways you can use it:

Fog test 

This test is simple: put the diamond near your mouth and fog out with your breath. If the fog stays even just for a few seconds the diamond is fake. Diamonds disperse heat so they should not fog easily. 

Check the Set and Mount 

Real diamonds would be mounted to expensive metals to secure them and metals would have markings or stamps to prove their authenticity. Stamps can appear as 10k, 14k, 18k, 585, 750, 900, or PT while stamps such as “C.Z” means that the center stone is that of Cubic Zirconia which is one of the synthetic diamonds. 

Use a Loupe to check on Diamonds 

Most jewelers have the loupe to show their clients that their diamonds are real. Loupes are used to check inclusions on the diamond.

Diamonds without inclusions are rare, so if you can see some inclusion that can prove that the diamonds are real. If the diamonds are not too pricey and they have no inclusion then better doubt their authenticity. 

Hope these 5 reasons to buy quality natural wholesale diamonds in Arlington can motivate you to buy from the jewelers near your area. It can be more convenient on your part since you can visit them easily and check their diamonds up close.

You can also support your economy by buying locally since the diamond market can have a bigger contribution to the economy due to the prices of their products. So buy local and buy from wholesale diamond stores and get your diamond at a more affordable price. So before you know your reasons.

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