7 Advanced SEO Tips to Boost Your Results

Advanced SEO Tips

7 Advanced SEO Tips to Boost Your Results! Did you know that on the first page of Google searches, the first five organic results receive 67.60 percent of all of the clicks? SEO is important because, if implemented correctly, it will help move up your product or service when people are searching on Google.

If you are well-versed in SEO, there are more tools you can use to further enhance what you already have in place. Keep reading, and we will guide you through seven advanced SEO tips to boost your results.

1. Journalist Keywords

One of the advanced SEO optimization tips is using keywords that journalists search for and building backlinks using them. The way this works is that journalists turn to Google when they are citing a fact in their article.

If you use the keywords they search for; they will use your article as a source, which is a powerful backlink on your website. You have to find the right pieces that work for this tool, but it can be very effective.

2. Include Animated Images On Your Website

Studies have shown that websites with an above-average time on their website rank higher in Google searches. If you increase your time on site by three seconds, you can move up one position in Google searches.

One way you can increase your time on site is by adding animated images to your website. You want to make sure to use hi-resolution, SVG animated images, like a hi-res GIF.

They can stop people from skimming and grab their attention to read what’s on your website and stay on your website page longer. You can use this advanced local SEO tip to get a higher spot on Google.

You will want to make sure to create enticing animated imagery that has enticing content to pull people in and keep them on your page. A short product demo could be a great place to start.

3. Content Hubs

Content hubs are similar to Wikipedia pages but a bit shorter in length. You can build out pages that center around a certain category, and each piece of content is optimized around a specific keyword.

It’s more diverse than a blog, and you use Wikipedia-style content writing because it helps with search intent for these types of keywords. One example of a content hub is if you’re a credit card company, you could create hubs about credit scores, debt management, budgeting, or rewards programs.

In your credit scores section, you can use blogs, videos, webinars, social media posts, podcasts, presentations, graphs, tools, and more, and it doesn’t matter what the format is as long as it’s all organized around a central topic.

You want to make sure you’re using attention-grabbing content and that everything fits together and centers around your topic. For credit scores, you could pull together blogs, podcasts, and infographics that explain what a credit score is, why it’s important, reasons it fluctuates, and how to improve it.

4. Broken Link Building

Another one of the advanced SEO tools includes broken link building. Using broken link building, you are adding value to someone else’s website too.

Broken link building is when you find resources in your niche that aren’t live, and you remake a version of the content connected to the broken link. Then you reach out to the webmasters who link to this content that’s not live anymore and ask them to replace the broken link with your newly created content.

You can follow these tips when you’re trying to figure out where to start with broken link building:

  1. Choose content on your website that you want to build links to
  2. Pick two or three keywords from the content that you choose above
  3. Go to JustReachOut and enter those keywords into the tool made by broken link building
  4. Our bots will search on Google and read through all of the searches that come up with those keywords
  5. We will send you the broken links to your email address
  6. You can use our tool to put together and send out the content, and they will go out from your Gmail linked to our account

Broken link building is one of the SEO strategies that require a lot of work but are very beneficial and add value to not only your website but someone else’s. You want to make sure to create new, engaging content to replace the broken link.

5. Target Comparison Keywords

Comparison keywords are using two different things, such as iPhone vs. Android or Google vs. Bing. People that search with comparison keywords are relatively advanced and know their way around the SEO tool landscape.

You’re targeting this specific group of people that are looking for help deciding between two options. Comparison keywords don’t have a lot of competition, and you can create content that’s optimized around you vs. your competitor with comparison keywords.

6. Update To Dynamic Parameters

If you have super popular content and it’s taking Google days or weeks to crawl your page and get it indexed, you may what to use dynamic parameters for dividing your content into pages.

You use dynamic parameters by updating URLs to follow this format:


This is opposed to the old format:


The new format can help Google figure out the content page orders and URL patterns. In turn, Google will spend less time re-crawling your pages that were already paginated and more time finding and indexing your new content.

7. Content Alliance

You can team up with another company, website, blog, social post, or YouTube channel to build a single piece of content together. Content alliance is one of the SEO trends that can be very helpful because you can team up with someone that has data or information you need and work together to create great content.

You can make a deal to create a piece of content that you will promote, bringing a new audience to their business. It can be beneficial to both parties and is an easy way to get fresh content for your website.

Use Your Advanced SEO Skills

Now that you know the top seven advanced SEO tips, you are ready to put these into practice and increase website traffic, site time, and your Google search ranking.

You are using unique ways to create great content, from building backlinks, content hubs, animated imagery, incorporating journalist and comparison keywords, and creating a content alliance.

Pick an advanced SEO method to tackle or find more SEO content and tips on our blog.

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