Bring Gamification Into The Curriculum Of Schools

SaaS platform is also an approach to bring gamification into the curriculum of schools. This is a less complex system and can be quickly and easily integrated into the classroom. It is an online platform or app that allows you to play together in class. 

There are three character classes with different traits and powers: healers, warriors, and magicians. This enables the students to recognize their characteristics and to come together in teams accordingly. 

In the course of the school year, these teams, consisting of five to six students, work and so there is a special social dynamic that strengthens togetherness, as everyone wants to win. 

All team members benefit from joint actions. This is how each other is dealt with and the needs of others are taken into account. The platform is very useful for teachers to interactively manage assignments and teaching materials. 

Game management takes only 5 minutes and runs in the background during class, while students can collect points and manage their strengths. What is special is that any action, be it being late or performing well during lessons, has an impact on the score and experience level in the game. 

Real powers, such as a question in the exam or eating in class, can be unlocked through experience points. Attending class is necessary to survive to manage assignments and teaching materials interactively so that any actions in the game, be it being late or performing well during the course, have an impact on the score and experience level. Real powers, such as a question in the exam or eating in class, can be unlocked through experience points. 

An integrated analysis tool can provide parents with a clear overview of the child’s participation in classes. This shows that gamified elements can also be found in lido learning. Risks and rewards are real, the sense of community and identity is transmitted and the points to be achieved maintain and increase motivation and commitment to learning. 

The system demands and promotes the students’ skills, especially when they identify with the avatar. This dynamic learning environment changes the student and teacher relationship and behavior. However, this can also lead to negative competition, because every participant wants to be the best. Because the motivation comes only through the game, the question arises.

It can be seen that modified elements can be applied practically in the classroom for learning gamification to promote and challenge the skills and competencies of learners and to offer the teacher new opportunities to rethink and develop their teaching skills. It is precisely the mutual learning of both sides that can lead to a teaching dynamic that can deliver exceptional teaching and learning results.

For an overview, there is an online profile for each student, which offers an exchange of experiences and presents the results in the form of a list of learned superpowers. Every skill is special and this realization, and the fact that new superpowers can be learned every day, also help maintain motivation. 

Also, each property can be incorporated into larger joint projects, so that people can work together, as in multiplayer games, to achieve set goals. Schoolchildren are valued and exchanges and assignments within social spaces are lived out in online profiles. 

In this way, social processes are stimulated online and can also be expanded in the analog world. Within the school semester, there are so-called boss levels, which are a special type of intermediate examination and are scheduled at different times. 

These are two-week intensive learning units in which the knowledge and skills that have already been acquired are to be applied to jointly solve a larger problem, such as fighting the boss monster math. And only if the skills learned are used can a solution be found. 

Quests are contested together, with each student qualifying for a specific role, such as “the math expert”. In this way, the skills should be used as best as possible to work strategically in group dynamics. Accordingly, the students are offered an increased chance of success and a special motivation is initiated.

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