How to Find Lost AirPods With Find My AirPods|2022

This article describes how to use the Find My function to discover lost AirPods having a unit this is certainly iOS discover My allowed, via iCloud for a computer, or utilizing the Find My application setup on your Mac. Directions affect both AirPods and AirPods Pro and iOS devices with iOS 10.3 and greater.

How to Use Find My AirPods

Get hold of Find My AirPods is situated inside the “Find My” app on iOS devices and If the AirPods are out from the case and connected to the iPhone, they will arrive regarding the Find My map similar to an iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, or Mac.Should your AirPods have been in the actual situation or otherwise not currently linked, the understood this is certainly last is displayed. When your AirPods have not held their place in use at all recently, are going to detail as “offline.”

How to Find My AirPods Lost Nearby

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Your AirPods are usually become misplaced or lost when you put them down momentarily because there are not any cords to together have them or even make sure they are simpler to find. Find My AirPods is mostly designed to locate an AirPod that is close by by playing an audio.

  • Start “Find My” for a device that is iOS
  • Touch the AirPods when you look at the listing.
  • Tap “Actions.”
  • Tap “Play Sound.

A chirping this is certainly soft will begin playing when you initiate the “Play Sound” command, which may slowly get louder and louder with each chirp to make the AirPods easier to find.

If just the left or only the AirPod that is correct is, you could mute the sound coming from the remaining or even the right. To stop the sound when the AirPods are situated, you will need to touch “Stop Playing.” Placing the AirPods back the scenario will also change the sound down after a moments that are few.

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