Health problems that cause photophobia or light sensitivity

Health problems that cause photophobia or light sensitivity

Health problems that cause photophobia! If you need to cover your eyes every time you step outside or you find yourself turning down the lights when you enter a brightly lit room, you probably have light sensitivity. This means bright lights really trouble your eyes and you wish that you could always wear sunglasses.

It’s common for your eyes to feel a little uncomfortable when going from low light levels to bright surroundings. However, if you feel the change strongly or the transition hurt your eyes, you need to see an eye specialist and track down the problem.

Photophobia is not an eye condition but a rather uncomfortable symptom of other health conditions such as eyelid inflammation or viral infection. People with light eye colour are also more prone to light sensitivity in bright light conditions as light-coloured eyes contain fewer pigments to protect against the harsh sunlight.

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Causes of dry eyes

There could be other reasons why your eyes hate light so much. Find the below:

Dry eyes

Dry eye is a common condition that occurs when the tiny tear glands inside our eyes aren’t able to provide adequate lubrication. Your tears play a vital role in protecting the cornea (the thin outer layer of the eye). The cornea contains tiny delicate nerves, so even a tiny problem with them can reflect in your visual acuity.

If you have developed a newfound intolerance to light, it’s probably time to visit an eye doctor as it could be one of the many symptoms of dry eye syndrome. It can cause a stinging sensation or irritation in your eyes.

While wearing sunglasses will shield your eyes from the blinding lights, it’s always best to track down the actual cause and treat it from within. Whether you are looking for opticians in Bury or Walkden, do your research first and see if they offer free eye tests. If not, you can always take one from the NHS.


We know that migraine is a neurological disease but it does affect your eyes indirectly. It may also cause other visual symptoms like blurred vision and eye pain.

It’s not only the migraines that lead to light sensitivity. Things can work the other way round too. If you have photophobia, you may often experience episodes of throbbing headaches.

If you are a migraine patient, talk to your doctor about the possible treatment options. The right type of treatment varies from individual to individual. If your symptoms include severe eye pain, your doctor may recommend you some pain relievers to help you get through the migraine.

Wearing sunglasses has also shown to reduce the symptoms of visual stress. Some clinical studies have also shown that tinted lenses do something in your brain that reduces the intensity of headaches. If you want, you can buy online glasses with tinted lenses and find them for yourself. Even if they don’t do anything for your headache, they will definitely protect your eyes from UV light.

Allergic reaction

We all know how allergies can ruin our eyes. The endless itching, redness and water coming out of our eyes are some of the many things that allergies can do.

Whenever foreign substances try to invade your body, it produces antibodies to fight them off and protect the healthy cells. These antibodies release chemicals that cause allergic reactions and affect our eyes.

Apart from all these discomforts, it may also cause allergic conjunctivitis. Consult your doctor about how you can avoid the triggers. You may even need to get allergy shots to ease up your symptoms.

If you wear contacts, they will only worsen the eye allergy. You may want to shift to prescription glasses as they are easy to wear and don’t cause any trouble with your eyes. You may buy cheap glasses online but always double-check on the quality.

Screen time

If you indulge in prolonged digital consumption, you must be familiar with the feeling of eye strain, blurred vision and headaches. You can blame it all on the blue light.

Blue light has short wavelengths and is emitted from digital screens. It reaches the back of your eye and destroys the light-sensitive cells on your retina. If you already have photophobia, these light-sensitive cells or photoreceptors are already weak.

To make sure that the health of your photoreceptors doesn’t degrade any further, wear blue light glasses. They block the blue waves and screen glare to give your eyes the maximum comfort when working on a screen. You may get affordable blue light glasses for men & women at your nearby stores.

Photophobia treatment

The best type of treatment for photophobia is to address the root cause of the problem. Once you deal with the underlying problem, photophobia will fade away on its own.

However, if your photophobia is natural, make sure you don’t expose your eyes to direct sunlight. Wear hats and sunglasses to avoid blasting your eyes with bright lights. In case you have a vision problem and wear prescription glasses, consider switching to transition or tinted glasses as they filter out the bad light and the tints also reduce the amount of light that enters your eye.

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