How To Build A Lifestyle Business

Lifestyle Business! So, you wish to be told a way to build a lifestyle business. Well, during this video, I am about to share, a simple framework and one key thought to assist you’ve got a lot of freedom fortune, fulfillment, and fun in your business.

So, before we tend to point out a way to build a lifestyle business, simply a fast recap of what I mean once I am talking a couple of modus vivendi business.

A lifestyle business permits you to measure your life such your business revolves around you, instead of you revolving your life around your business. as an example, I am here in stunning park town, Utah.

Having an exquisite weekday. and I am taking an instant to record this video for you. that is as a result of I even have a lifestyle business. I purchase to figure from anyplace I would like and pretty much set my very own time, my very own dates. I’m a master of my life.

Another part of having a lifestyle business one that financially supports you while not you having to sell it slow for cash. therefore before I share precisely however you’ll be able to build a lifestyle business, I might wish to share a touch little bit of why I do know what I am talking about.

you may be speculative UN the agency is that this person and why she comprehends building a lifestyle business. Well, I do know as a result of I did it the incorrect method. I had primarily the alternative of a lifestyle business.

For seven and a [*fr1] years. See, like several entrepreneurs. once I started my business, I started it because I had a dream. as a result of I had a dream to be my very own boss. I needed to be the master of my day and my time.

I needed to try to do what I needed to try to do. I needed to require off once I needed to take off. I needed freedom. and that I needed to create loads of cash. and that I additionally needed to create an effect. I needed to create a distinction.

however those for seven years in business, none of that happened. the fact was a lot of sort of a nightmare thana dream. I used to be operating all the time. I used to be operating days, nights, weekends, holidays. I ne’er provide my self a prospect.

and also the reason for that was as a result I was selling my time for cash. So, whenever I felt a touch bit scares in terms of cash, I had to hustle and sell longer. which created a full of life in my business that felt something however sort of a modus vivendi business.

It felt like I used to be a slave to my business. rather than that my business was serving the American state. uncalled-for to mention, I did not have freedom. I did not have a fortune. I did not have fulfillment and that I did not have fun.

Now, obviously, that was an unsustainable model. And it all came flaming down in regarding 2014. once I had a private crisis and a health crisis at an identical time. And what happened was as a result of that, I took my eye off the ball.

I ended hustling and that I stopped obtaining onto the pc every single day, I ended networking and shaking hands and caressing babies. Basically, my business came to screeching halts. for two months, I created no revenue. and that I was freaked out.


And so, what happened was. I had an associate A-ha moment. I had… this can be the Uh-oh. ( i favor to mention that.) result in the A-ha. and that I realized that one thing had to change my business.

Now, for me, that is one thing was, I had to change the work I used to be doing in my business. I had to vary the whole. I had to vary the business model. I alter these things at an identical time.

Now, the matter is that I did not eff necessarily in the proper order. So, it took the American state five years to induce to the present point where I will say, “Oh, no, I’ve got it. I’ve patterned it out.

The formula.” so that, I am about to share that with you during this video so you’ll be able to apply this to your business and you’ll be able to have a lot of freedom, fortune, fulfillment, and fun. So, I am about to walk you thru this seven-step model.

However, before I do this, there is one concept that you’ve got to induce. And it’s very, very vital. The thought is that the thought of alignment. the explanation my business wasn’t operating is because I was out of alignment with my business.

In terms of I used to be out of alignment and in terms of the work that I used to be doing. I used to be behind the pc rather than doing what I used to be nice at. I wasn’t monetizing my magic. I used to be out of alignment with the lifestyle needed to steer.

I needed to require Fridays off and be ready to travel and sleep in and begin work on ten within the morning. and that I wasn’t doing any of these things. I used to be out of alignment with the whole I was presenting to the globe.

I used to be attempting to be someone I wasn’t. And as a result, individuals weren’t responding my whole the method they are doing currently. And so, they were a whole bunch of things which walk you thru as I take you thru the seven-step virtuoso business model.

And here’s one more important thing. You’ve got to do these steps in order. When you start to do this with me, pay attention to the lowest level which you find a misalignment. That is if you find that there is something off at level 1.

That’s where you need to focus your energy first. Don’t bother working on levels 4, 5, 6 or7. If you find that you have a fundamental misalignment the most basic level of this model. Are you ready?

Let’s go. Okay, the last thing I promise before I get into the framework. There was a study done by a nurse who used to work in hospice care. And she went around to people who were in hospice that are literally
on their death bed.

And she did a survey to find out what their biggest regret in life was. And overall, the number 1 regret that these people that on their death bed said was, “I wish I dared to live a life true to myself rather than the life that others expected of me.” Now, I tell you this now,

Because as we get into this superstar business model, I’m going to be emphasizing over and over how important it is that you have alignment. And that this business that you’re creating really feeds your heart and soul. And feel like something that you really want to do.

Not that you have to do. I hope you enjoy that and that gave you a whole bunch of A-Ha moments of your own. And if you want more awesome information on how to build your purpose-driven lifestyle-friendly business then go ahead and click on the link below and download my Monetize Your Magic playbook. For free! See you later.

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