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There is much to know about mordy gelfand. Branding is one of the most important and valuable aspects you can have in your business. It’s not just about creating a logo and having it on your website or social media profiles—it’s about building a brand that people recognize and trust, which will lead to more clients, greater profits, and higher sales.

Let’s read more about mordy gelfand.

The basics

MORDY GELFAND is a brand strategist, who has worked with brands like Nike and Pepsi. He also worked with startups and small businesses. Let’s read more about mordy gelfand.

He is the founder of mordy gelfand design, a branding agency that helps clients create powerful stories around their products or services by using design as an asset to tell those stories.

He is also a speaker and author. His books include Branding for the Digital Age, The Power of Visual Storytelling and Designing the Future: How to Create Products that Emotionally Connect with People.

Build your brand

Branding is the process of creating an identity for your business. It’s not marketing, advertising or any other word you might be thinking of when it comes to your brand. Branding is a complete package that includes everything from name and logo to tagline, slogan and colors. Let’s read more about mordy gelfand.

Your brand will be one of the most important tools in your arsenal for building trust with customers over time—so make sure it’s one worth investing in! Let’s read more about mordy gelfand.

Branding examples

  • Logo examples:
  • Branding mistakes:
  • Brand strategies:

Branding mistakes: Brand strategies: Branding mistakes:

The key components of a logo

In order to create a logo that is memorable, unique and simple, you must have the following key components:

  • A mark or icon. Your logo should represent your business in some way—whether it be through its shape or color. If you’re trying to get noticed as an online shoe retailer, don’t make your mark look like a shoe!
  • A supporting text element that describes what you sell or how you operate (for example: “We sell shoes at affordable prices”). This will help people know what they’re getting when they see your brand name on something else (e.g., print ads). It also helps them remember why they came across this product in the first place—and hopefully return for more!
  • Some typeface/font family names that convey trustworthiness and professionalism without being too loud; these can range from serifed fonts like Times New Roman (which come standard with most computers), sans-serifs like Helvetica Neue Light Condensed Italic (.ttf), cursive scripts such as Script MT Bold (.otf) etcetera…

How to build a brand

Branding is the process of creating a unique identity for your business, which communicates with customers and distinguishes you from competitors. It’s also an important part of building trust with customers, creating memorable experiences that encourage repeat business and differentiate your offering from others in its category.

Brand identity can be established through:

  • Your company logo or emblem;
  • The color scheme you use on your website;
  • The tone of voice used by your salespeople;
  • The typeface used in all communications (including email signatures).

How to create a logo

A logo is a visual symbol, or image, that represents your business. It should be memorable and simple enough to be recognizable at a glance.

The most important thing about creating a good logo is making sure it’s unique. This can be hard because you want to make sure your logo doesn’t look like any other company’s logo, but if you do this right, then people will think of your company when they see the symbol!

The difference between branding and marketing

To help you understand the difference between branding and marketing, let’s take a look at the example of a company that has developed a new product that it wants to market.

The company has decided to use its new product as part of an advertising campaign and created posters, flyers and other materials for distribution throughout their target market. One of these pieces of collateral is this poster:

Final thoughts on branding for business owners

Branding is one of the most important things you can do for your business. It’s what will get people to come back, and it’s also an important part of creating a brand story that resonates with potential clients.

Here are a few tips on how to make sure you’re branding effectively:

  • Have a logo. You need one if you want people to remember who your company is and how they should interact with it on any given day or week (or month). A logo helps make up for that fact that there isn’t always something specific about your product or service; it also helps define what kind of company we’re talking about here—and whether or not this person needs some help getting started in their field!
  • Create an effective website where visitors can find more information about what kinds of services/products/information exists within each section (website content). The goal here should be high-quality content while remaining accessible by anyone who comes across it via search engines like Google Keyword Tool & SEO Wizardry Toolbox Site Audit toolkit – SEO Tools & Analysis Software For Beginners And Professionals Who Want To Build Websites That Rank High On Search Engines Like Google Or Bing By Using These Free Online Tools…

Learn more about mordy gelfand.

Mordy Gelfand is a branding expert and the founder of Branding Strategy Insider. He has written two books on branding, including The Complete Branding Guide for Startups (2016) and The Complete Guide to Building Your Personal Brand (2018).

Mordy’s clients include Microsoft, Google, and Facebook—all companies that have been in business for decades. Read here about


So there you have it, next time you need some help with branding for your business, look no further than mordy gelfand. We hope these tips will help improve the quality of your logo and brand identity!

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