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Crash Course Government and Politics! Hi, I’m Craig, and this is often a program in Government and Politics. And today, we’re gonna get personal. Not personal within the sense that I am gonna tell you I’m a bed wetter cause I am not…gonna tell you that.

We’re gonna state people’s personal political views and wherever they are available from. this is often what political scientists typically decision Political Socialization.

however before we have a tendency to get into the forces that help create our political outlooks, we must always most likely outline what political ideologies look like in America.

[Theme Music] In America, there are a variety of ways people characterize themselves politically. Typically, they determine with an organization, although we’ll see once we speak a lot of regarding parties, this has dwindled possible over time.

And though there is a ton of overlap between a political party and political ideology, there is not 100 percent correspondence between the 2. however there’s 100 percent overlap between my fist and this eagle’s beak! Politics.

So, currently, I ought to most likely say what I mean by political ideology. Basically, I am talking regarding whether or not you determine as liberal or conservative or philosopher or socialist or syndicalist or nihilist or craigslist – folks that simply love.

I am one in every of those. {you’re|you ar} most likely at home with the concept that liberals are on the left, and conservatives are on the correct. And this will be a useful shorthand, but what affairs of state do these terms represent? Let’s move to the Clone Zone! What?

The CloneZone – it’s right here now? I will simply…I’ll leave then. This way? I will go in this manner. Taking a cue from anti-federalists, American conservatives believe that an outsized government poses a threat to individual liberty and that we like our national government to be as tiny as potential.

however, particularly since the New Deal, our government has taken on an excessive amount of. What government we want is best handled by states and localities.

For the foremost half, yank conservatives believe within the free market which offers the best economic opportunity profit to the best range of individuals. yank conservatives typically support a strong defense.

this is often one place wherever we have a tendency to usually do not suppose defrayment ought to be cut. Most different programs, the things that make up discretionary defrayment, will and will be left up to the non-public sector.

And this can permit the govt. to cut back its defrayment. Lower defrayment, in turn, can mean lower taxes. Ahh, delicious lower taxes. this implies that we do not like flag burning, and we favor prayer in colleges as a result of these replicate ancient spiritual and patriotic values.

rather like the eagle. I really like the eagle. You’re a friend. (Kisses eagle) several conservatives, as robust adherents to spiritual faiths, are against abortion. however, I would say there is a larger diversity in conservative views on social problems than on economic ones.

The social sphere is wherever we have a tendency to dissent significantly from our philosopher friends World Health Organization do not see any role for the presidency in people’s personal lives.

this implies that libertarians typically support things like marijuana legitimation that more ancient conservatives don’t support. If there is one worth that yanks conservative privilege on top of others, it’s liberty. America could be a country of freedom, and in most cases, the government is a lot of a threat to liberty than a shielder of it.

and I am out. (Kisses hand and touches eagle’s head) smashing conservative clone. But bad, here’s why. typically liberals within the U.S. are called new Deal Liberals as a result of the policies that we have a tendency to support grew out of the New Deal.

And lately, a number of North American nations try to re-brand ourselves as progressives. though this is often a touch tough provided that, traditionally, progressives and liberals are not a similar issue.

In general, yank liberals believe that government will facilitate solve issues, and a much bigger government, sort of a superb soaring eagle will solve larger issues and a lot of them.

we have a tendency to support government intervention in the economy, each within the type of laws and better taxes, particularly once that intervention benefits traditionally marginalized teams like minorities, women, and therefore the poor. we have a tendency to prefer to the govt.

step in on behalf of shoppers and to guard the surroundings as a result of generally, we do not trust that the free market is going to be truthful to everybody.

we all know that protection of the surroundings, aiding the poor, and increasing civil liberties all value cash, thus we have a tendency to typically favor a revenue enhancement system with higher taxes on the rich and companies.

though not all yank liberals are anti-business, as a rule, we do not have plenty of religion that huge businesses have the typical American’s best interest at heart, and then we have a tendency to opt to see them regulated.

though we have a tendency to still see national defense as important, most yank liberals feel that the country spends over enough on the military which the defense budget ought to be cut, feat extra money for necessary social programs.

within the dialogue over guns or butter, we have a tendency to like butter. though we’re additionally fine with the govt. telling the North American nations to not eat such a lot of it.

If conservatives worth liberty, we have a tendency to liberals cherish equality as their primary political virtue, and that we see government as a necessary agent in promoting equality. (Kisses hand and pats eagle’s head) We’re equals, Maine which eagle. Thanks, clones.

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