REALLY, Intel?

Really Intel! Look, if you came here because you heard we made great paninis, I do not know what to inform you. we do not make paninis. that does not even make any sense. Between Apple ditching them, and AMD maintaining the pressure within the PC market, Intel hasn’t had a good year.

So they’re understandably searching for any advantage they will muster. On Friday, they apparently thought they’d found one, as they gave a rendezvous to journalists detailing a flaw in AMD’sRyzen 4000 series laptops. – [James] Got you now!- Almost.

Namely, they went on battery power. AMD’s chips don’t increase to full strength until eight to 10 seconds after certain heavy workloads begin. Now, Intel isn’t wrong.

This behavior is a component that makes AMD’s latest laptops so great for battery life, at the expense of a small amount of performance.

But as Ares Technica and extreme Tech means, it isn’t the Ace within the whole intel might think it’s because firstly, Intel modified their laptops to run at a better TDP than the AMD models in their tests.

They created specialized benchmarks, which they are saying reflect universe usage when this issue doesn’t cause any problems for established tests. And this weighting behavior was an option AMD made available to laptop OEMs to maximize battery life.

the problem here isn’t that Intel doesn’t have some extent. It’s just that having a press conference about it seems a touch desperate. Like consumers don’t want the strongest laptop. they merely want one that confident in who it’s.

That’s true masculinity. Wait, what are we talking about? Let’s discuss
graphics card leaks. Because the speed at which they are arriving has increased, specifically ones about the RTX 3060 Ti, which Nvidia still hasn’t officially announced.

Even the leaks featuring the cardboard are popping up steadily over the past month. Now we even have reasonably official-looking slides of the cardboard specs or a minimum of MANLI’s version.

there is a GPU company called MANLI. – [James] The manliest specs. – Anyways, this avalanche of leaks claims the cards will launch on December 2nd for 399. So get your wallets able to not buy one, because shopping online is now off-limits to humans.

That’s bot territory. We also got a pair of leaks regarding AMD’s unannouncedRX 6700 and 6700 XT, which could both launch with12 gigs of VRAM in early 2021.

So don’t be concerned, there’ll be plenty more opportunities to spend some quality time with your computer, hitting F5. That’s refresh, James. –
[James] Oh!- Oh!

And every one of the downsides of apple’s new M1 Mac processor is that the proven fact that it’s a lot more complicated to emulate Windows on macOS. That’s something that was pretty easy on Intel-based Macs, due to Bootcamp, which isn’t supported on the new ARM-based models.

I can not believe Apple would do that. Those scoundrels! Well, Apple’s
Craig Federighi says, said that Bootcamp could work just fine on M1 Macs. Microsoft just has to enable it on their side.

Now Craig’s actually referring to Windows 10 on ARM, not x86
Windows. x86 apps could already be emulated using Crossover on Mac and Parallels is working to bring support for M1.

And currently, Microsoft doesn’t license Windows 10 on ARM unless the OEM pre-installed it on the device. Ah, so it’s up to Apple. they simply must pre-install windows on the M1 Macs. you cannot trick me, Craig. Me and James, we all know the business.

Speaking of which, it is time for quick bits dropped at you by, Vessi Footwear. They’re known for making shoes that are light. I’m also wearing Vessi, you don’t need to throw it at me.

They’re known for creating shoes that are light, comfortable, and most significantly, waterproof. Allowing you to run in almost any terrain while keeping your feet dry because of the vacuum of space.

Their Dyma-tex construction keeps your ground slapper cool within the summer, and warm within the winter. and they are practical, everyday styling fits on most occasions. Keep your feet dry for the cold wet months to come back.


they have a Black Friday sale without delay, so don’t miss out. But if you are doing, use our offer codeTechlinked to urge $25 off each pair you
purchase at

Was that the correct slash, I never know. You haven’t seen the short bits I’ve got. Phones leak too, not just graphics cards, just in case you were wondering.

it’s like Samsung might release their new flagship a small amount early this year, with rumors pointing to January 14th because of the release date. OnePlus’s Nine Pro is also getting some attention within the rumor mill, with leaks pointing to a curved screen, giant rear camera module,
and a release date in March.

But I do not know. I feel I can hold on to myPixel3 till next September. It’s doing pretty good. Comcast needs to extend its 1.2 terabyte data cap to all or any 39 States in which the company operates. It just must, it’s got no choice. – [James] Wait, legally? – it’s to.

Otherwise, people will abuse the system and clog the web pipes with traffic,
while multiple ISPshave said that the network handled the pandemic field surge in an online activity just fine.

And Comcast engineers have said that monthly data limits exist to come up with revenue, not to manage congestion. we’d like these caps, guys! Snapchat has launched Spotlight, essentially a mini version of TikTok inside the prevailing Snapchat app.

But what’s different about it, you would possibly ask? – [James] What’s different about it. – Well, Snapchat is giving the top video creators a share of $1 million daily, for the foreseeable future.

I do not know, to me, that sounds far more fun and simple to use. – [James] what number of top creators, though? Do I buy a cent? Do I purchase 100,000? – Yeah, well I suppose we’ll see.

You gotta make apps, make videos first. The Solomon Islands, which are close to Australia, because I didn’t know that, plans to ban Facebook due to widespread cyberbullying and people using fake identities.

Nevermind that Facebook was the place where official documents were leaked showing government spending on COVID. It’s cyberbullying. Okay, fine, it is a real problem.

My mom comments on everything I post, please stop. And in the latest example of “That’s too much money,” a rare copy of Super Mario Bros. 3 has sold for $156,000 at auction. Apparently, because it’s a super-early version of the game, and the word Bros on the box is on the left side
instead of the right.

I need to go away now. Come back on Wednesday for more tech news. I’m
sure we’ll have something better for you by then. – [James] Better than spending your money on that. – Yeah. Coulda did a lot of other stuff!

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