7 Surprising Benefits of Wearing Sterling Silver Jewelry

Benefits of Wearing Sterling Silver Jewelry

Did you know that silver has been used to deter evil spirits, witches, werewolves, and the undead? In the supernatural world, silver is an almost universal protector. Whether or not you believe in the supernatural, you know that pure silver is both beautiful and classic.

However, pure silver makes for poor jewelry. It’s soft and malleable, easy to degrade and melt. For that reason, sterling silver was invented.

Sterling silver is an alloy of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. This alloy is harder and makes for better jewelry. Sterling silver jewelry is not just beautiful, it has many benefits beyond supernatural protection.

In this article, we cover all the benefits of sterling silver, so read on to learn more!

1. Easy to Clean

Sterling silver resists most stains and dirt. It will never rust or lose its color, even when exposed to sun, salt, and water.

If you’ve ever bought cheap costume jewelry, you’re familiar with the green ring it leaves behind. This is a product of copper reacting with the moisture in your skin. Although sterling silver is a copper alloy, the copper is rendered inert by the combination.

Sterling silver will never react with water, or stain your skin. However, it will tarnish over time. Sterling silver reacts with oxygen and will develop a black sheen, especially if your pieces are left unworn for a while.

The good news is, the tarnish can be cleaned within a few seconds. Some companies sell sterling silver cleaning cloths, but you can also use regular old toothpaste for your jewelry care.

Take a pea size amount, and rub it into the tarnished areas of your jewelry. Then, rinse away the toothpaste, and the tarnish will wash away too! Your sterling silver will be as good as new and be returned to its original luster!

2. Resistant to Wear

The main flaw of pure silver as jewelry is that it will wear away with regular use. It will also get soft through the warmth of your hand.

Sterling silver, on the other hand, is hard and resistant to daily wear and tear. That’s why it’s a favorite for everyday use. Many people never even take off their sterling silver necklaces and rings. They won’t dent, wear, or break over time.

3. Affordable

Sterling silver is very affordable and considering the quality and durability, it’s also the best bang for your buck. Even the best sterling silver jewelry won’t break the bank.

Other materials are also affordable, like silver-coated jewelry. However, these pieces sacrifice quality for their cost and will wear away over time. Sterling silver jewelry has a low cost but doesn’t make the tradeoff for quality, so you know that your pieces will last.

4. Health Benefits

Silver has been used for its antibacterial properties for many years. Some lotions and creams have silver in them, which can help disinfect wounds and treat infections.

Sterling silver can also improve circulation and thermal regulation. Wearing sterling silver can improve thermoregulation and electrical disturbances in your body. While it can’t work miracles, it does have proven scientific benefits when it comes to temperature control!

In addition, using sterling silver jewelry can help improve the range of motion in arthritis patients. Studies have shown that wearing sterling silver rings can reduce inflammation, prevent hyperextension, and ease joint pain in the extremities.

5. Anxiety

Silver has proven benefits to help relieve anxiety. Sterling silver is a great material for “worry rings,” rings that have a spinning band in the middle that allows you to fidget. The repetitive motion can help get rid of anxiety, even when you’re in public or in a crowded area.

Necklaces and bracelets can also help with anxiety, so try a few different pieces to see what works for you. You already know that sterling silver is a very hardy metal, so you don’t have to worry about wearing it away with your anxiety.

6. Hypoallergenic

Some metals, especially nickel, can cause allergic reactions on the skin. This means irritated skin, red rashes, and flaking, dry, patches. Many people have allergic reactions to nickel earrings when they get their ears pierced, or to nickel alloyed rings or necklaces.

However, sterling silver is hypoallergenic. Unless you’re allergic to silver itself, you won’t have a reaction from wearing sterling silver. It’s a great metal for sensitive skins and even children, as it won’t cause rashes.

7. It Goes With Everything

There’s a reason that silver and gold are classic metals. They match absolutely everything! This is especially true with silver.

While gold tends to fit best with warmer colors and tones, silver matches every fabric. It’s a simple metal that won’t overwhelm the color palette.

In addition, while mixing metals used to be fashion taboo, it’s now considered an edgy statement that can enhance your look. Not only will silver match everything in your wardrobe, but it will also match every piece in your jewelry box, whether gold, silver, or any other metal!

Pick Out Your Favorite Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver jewelry is not just beneficial for its anti-ghost properties. It has a wide variety of benefits. It’s good for your health, good for your wardrobe, and is incredibly durable, and will last for generations so you can hand down your favorite pieces. The next time you see sterling silver jewelry for sale, don’t hesitate to pick up some pieces! If you enjoyed learning about sterling silver, we have lots more fashion and lifestyle tips on our blog. Check it out for more!

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