7 ways to tell your customers you care

7 ways to tell your customers you care! Consumers are wiser now to corporate comms and marketing more so than ever before. It can sometimes seem like every business move, headline, and new product is picked apart online and analyzed for hidden meaning before it is accepted or rejected by the public.

Yet there are ways to let your customers know that you do genuinely care about them and aim to put them at the heart of everything your brand does – and feedback software platforms sit at the center of this strategy.

Here, we take a look at some of the ways you can show your customers how important they are.

1. Learn from them

Customer reviews are important for your business’ progression, but only if you take the time to make the changes suggested by your consumers. Modern feedback software facilities allow you to really listen to customers, as they provide behind-the-scenes data analysis from reviews and feedback provided. This means you have all the information you need to take tangible action as a result of listening to those who use their products and services.

Putting user reviews and feedback at the core of development strategies is key to really integrate their thoughts into your business’ growth and improvement on an ongoing basis.

2. Surprise and delight

The concept of ‘surprise and delight’ is not a new one, but it should never be underestimated. Companies that go out of their way to surprise customers pleasantly with a gift or gesture often earn respect and favorable perception, and the activity need not be directly related to normal business activities. Keep it to your most loyal customers if possible and let them know why they’re so special to your company at the same time. Surprise and delight, by their very nature, need not be regular or expensive but can make a huge impact even when low key.

3. Make improvements

Businesses should always operate on the premise of continuous improvement and can always strive to do and be better. Despite what some PR machines may have you think, no one brand is perfect and there’s always more work to be done. If customers tell you they don’t like something, improve upon it or offer alternatives and let them know that you’ve taken action because of their feedback. Be open with your customer base about your aim to keep improving; they will respect you even more for admitting you’re not already always right.

Successful eCommerce websites have a few things in common. Those things being, a feature to export ordersadvanced shipping rules, and direct checkout. If your site is lacking any of these, it is high time to change that.

4. Exceed expectations

Customers are often very good at telling you what they expect – but why just aim for that? Exceeding consumer expectations rather than just meeting them will vastly improve brand perception and help encourage word-of-mouth positive recommendations. Going the extra mile for customers is always appreciated and often talked about, so don’t miss an opportunity by not putting in a little extra work. The result will be worth it!

5. Keep communicating

If something changes in your business, tell your customers. If something improves in your business, tell your customers. If something is new in your business, tell your customers. Keep communication channels open and interact with your customer base wherever appropriate as well as wherever necessary. Don’t overwhelm subscribers or customers with info but be sure to communicate regularly and in a consistent style so that they’re able to expect and identify updates from you. Always invite and encourage responses and be sure to respond positively to any you do receive.

6. Talk purpose and values

Consumer interest in your brand’s purpose and values is increasing all the time. Communicating and talking about the ‘why’ behind your business helps customers understand why it exists, who and what it’s for, and why you get up to work every day without focusing purely on prices and profit. De-associating brands from their bottom line are positive for consumers and many are more likely to shop with a business whose ethos they understand and respect.

7. Show an interest

It’s all well and good talking to customers, but how much do you know about them and where they are right now? Showing an interest in your consumer base and asking not just for feedback but also opinions and views gives a great indication of authentic interest in them that’s not just wheedling for info on how they want to spend their cash. Presenting interest at an appropriate level shows customers you care and inviting them for interaction demonstrates a willingness to take on board what they say and how they feel. How this works best for each brand varies, but some find social media outreach sits right, some prefer in-person focus groups, and others like an informal phone chat. Finding the right balance for your customer base can be invaluable.

The core message behind customer care? Listening. Keep your business eyes and ears open and the customers will follow.

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