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NetBase Quid Helps Companies Identify, Track and Utilize Key Option Influencers

NetBase Quid Helps Companies Identify

NetBase Quid Helps Companies Identify, Track and Utilize Key Option Influencers! The perception of a brand is key to keeping it top-of-mind with consumers. More organizations are realizing that consumer engagement is the key to increasing sales, so they are directing their attention toward direct-to-consumer marketing. Many are using Key Opinion Leaders (KOL), leading voices within the category, to help them position their brands as the best in their category.

What is a KOL and Why are they Important?

Key opinion leader are subject matter experts who are regarded by many as reputable and reliable sources of information. They are trusted by special interest groups for their knowledge and insights; their thoughts and expertise can affect consumer behaviors.

Unlike “influencers” who use primarily online, social media, blogs and You Tube, key opinion leaders share their opinions on any platform they see fit to reach their audience. They often share their expertise through traditional media outlets.  Journalists and TV reporters often consult with key opinion leaders for their expertise and feedback when looking for experts to quote in their stories

Getting positive endorsements from these leaders can help grow a brand, position it in a positive light, keep it top-of-mind with consumers and accelerate sales.

Who Are Some Key Opinion Leaders?

Key opinion leaders are not ONLY business experts, they come in many different forms, but one thing they all have in common, they are people that we turn to for their qualified opinions and advice.

Here are some examples of key opinion leaders in our culture today:

Opinion leaders are those that we turn to in many different areas of our lives so they can be a diverse group.

  • Family and friends: In our daily lives, the most common types of opinion leadership we look to includes family and friends that provide guidance. They are respected for their insights and can impact our decisions and influence us on our views and options. They are trusted people in our lives that we trust, therefore we trust their opinions and guidance.
  • Celebrities: Because they familiar faces, strong followings and have a broad reach, celebrities (including models, actors, musicians, and sports legends) are often used as key opinion influencers.  An example of a  key celebrity influencer is Kylie Jenner, who is known as being part of the Kardashian clan but also has a net worth of $900 million.
  • She is the face of her own cosmetics company but is also paid by companies to make positive comments about their brand, event, or business.  Because their following is so great, and the common person may want to emulate the celebrity, they are important influencers.
  • Business leaders: Business influencers can change our lives because they learn how people use products and have the ability to influence our buying decision.
    • In technology, key opinion leaders stay on the bleeding edge of the best products, what will make them better and how to influence the general public in choosing their electronic devices.
    • In distribution, business leaders will look to find solutions to meet consumer demand. They may use their expertise to increase awareness for a product and then create a distribution system that gets that product into the hands of consumers through improved distribution systems.
  • Other key opinion leaders include researchers, scientists, professors, medical professionals, political activists, legal experts, financial experts, artists, designers, and just about anyone known for their expertise in a certain niche topic.

NetBase Quid, Your Resource to Consumer and Market Intelligence:

Before a brand reaches out to influencers, they need to know who the key opinion influencer is in their business. Quid, from NetBase Quid, will help track KOL’s in real-time. This provides immediate ability to reach out and utilize them in marketing and strategic planning. KOL’s offer critical intelligence on competitors as well as your brand.

NetBase Quid’s a consumer and market intelligence platform can identify and monitor KOLs to drive brand engagement.

Third-party endorsements have always been important in marketing and accelerating the brand, Quid can make it easy to get that intelligence and use it to benefit their brand.

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