Charts Used in Forex Trading

Forex trading is a well-known word. It’s a concept and an exciting strategy too. Forex trading follows a few rules and regulations that consist of calculations. Various charts are used here to track trends and exciting things. Three types of charts that are most commonly seen in forex trading are as follows.  

Line Charts  

The chart for identifying significant picture trends is known as a line chart. It is used for currency in forex markets. It is known as the most common and basic type of chart frequently used. It also specifies the closing trading price of any currency. The trend lines in a line chart are used to identify the trading strategies. 

For example, the line chart information can be used to devise which is going to decline and which will rise in terms of currency and profit. It is the most helpful chart. It can be used to start further analysis in forex markets. 

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Bar Charts  

Bar Charts are most frequently used to present the time in forex markets for specific trades. Bar Charts are used to give more information as compared to line charts. It shows the highest price, closing price, lowest price, and opening price for a specific trade. Usually, the trade is between currency pairs. A dash shown at the right indicates the closing price, and a dash at the left side shows the opening price. 

For the indication of price movements, colors are used. Green and white colors show rising costs, while red or black shows that prices decline. Bar Charts are helpful for buyers and sellers. Any trader can quickly identify whether it is a seller’s market or a buyer’s market. Click here to begin trading.  

Candlestick Charts  

Candlestick charts were visually used in the 18th century by various Japanese rice traders in trading markets. These charts are appealing in terms of visualization and easier to read than the above-stated charts. There are two portions for a candlestick chart. The upper portion of a candlestick chart can indicate the lowest price point and closing price. The upper part of a candlestick chart can be used for the highest price point and opening price. 

A down candle is used as a depiction of decline prices. It is also shaded as black or red. On the other hand, an up candle can be used as a period of increased costs. The down candle is shown with white and shaded green. To identify market movement and direction, the shapes and formations were used in a candlestick chart. Shooting stars and hanging men are the most common formations in a candlestick chart.  


You have overviewed the three basic types of forex charts in forex markets. These charts have their importance, and their importance cannot be neglected. All three graphs are essentially used to help out the traders and brokers. Every chart has its specialty and significance. If you understand the terminologies and tricks shown in data on the forex charts, you can become a successful forex trader.  

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