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Effect Of PM frequency reduction on assets reliability.

Effect Of PM frequency reduction! Lean production and Lean Maintenance target the identification and elimination of waste through continuous improvement. the matter of under-maintaining assets is commonly addressed through loss elimination and continuous improvement programs.

the matter of over-maintaining by comparison receives very little attention. Left unattended the over-maintaining of assets taciturnly and unendingly squanders precious maintenance resources.

The industry has been conservative in its approach to setting preventive maintenance intervals. On some sites:
• eighty you look after Preventive Maintenance prices are spent on activities with a frequency thirty days or less.
• thirty to four-hundredth of Preventive Maintenance prices are spent on assets with negligible failure impact.

We currently explore the impact of frequency on the over-maintaining downside and proposes, with the employment of a case study, low-risk strategies for reducing Preventive Maintenance prices. Keywords: Preventive Maintenance, Waste Elimination, Activities, Frequency, Analysis, Value Reduction.


Buell and Smedley outline Lean production as “a systematic approach to characteristic and eliminating waste through continuous improvement”. Waste is outlined as “anything that adds no worth to the producing method. Common sources of waste in production are known (2) as:

• overrun – manufacturing product amount in more than demand or demand.
• Inventory – manufacturing levels of conclusion or add progress higher than the optimum.
• Waiting – Delays within the production method.
• Transportation – Transporting conclusion or adding progress unnecessarily.
• Motion – supernumerary motion of employees, assets, or materials related to production.
• process – Redundant steps or activities within the production method.

Reducing the price of Preventive Maintenance

The application of the term “Lean” to maintenance equally aims to focus on waste. Bever estimates that between eighteen and a half-hour of each dollar spent on maintenance is wasted.

Greg is reportable as perceptive that maintenance operations could also be wasting up to twenty-five % of obtainable labor which up to sixty % of this waste results from activities that add no worth to the performance of the plant.

Similar classes of waste known for Lean production will be applied to the exploration of Lean Maintenance. Building on a listing developed by O’Hanlon, seven classes of waste in maintenance are summarised as follows:
• overrun – performing arts preventive and prognosticative maintenance activities at intervals a lot typically than optimum
• Inventory – Overstocking maintenance spares with slow-moving elements and secret inventories.
• Waiting – watching for tools, elements documentation, transportation, etc.
• Transportation – Time spent walking, running, driving, and flying related to maintenance work
• Motion –PM performed that adds no worth to the interference of period.
• Processing– a chance to boost the standard of repairs in reactive or breakdown maintenance.
• Defects – plus failure caused by under-maintaining assets or maintenance makeover.

Waste in maintenance will be thought of as a drag of strategy, coming up with, and management. This paper is specifically involved with waste arising from the strategic higher cognitive processes.

This significantly targets maintenance waste related to “overproduction”, “inventory” and “motion” from the higher than a list. These 3 topics are cited specifically as over-maintaining.


Under-maintaining assets are characterized by:
• Ineffective or non-existent preventive activities

Under-maintaining assets leave an apparent waste path because it typically ends up in frequent and long breakdowns, high
Undermaintaining could be a regular target of continuous improvement programs.
Over-maintaining is characterized by:

• performing arts preventive maintenance activities at a lot of frequent intervals than necessary
• performing arts preventive maintenance activities that add no worth to the output
• PM activities are ineffective at police work failure and are a waste of your time
• PM Activities are redundant (i.e. duplicate alternative effort)

Over-maintaining assets leave a less obvious waste path. we have a tendency to be inclined to believe that our preventive maintenance activities are effective if we have a tendency to aren’t perpetually rectifying breakdowns. once left undoubted over-Reducing the price of Preventive Maintenance


In this paper, the term Preventive Maintenance refers to any activity that’s designed to:
• Predict the onset of element failure,
• notice a failure before it’s sway on the plus operate,
• Repair or replace plus before failure happens.

Preventive Maintenance has 2 options, AN activity to be performed, and a frequency at which the activity is performed. a discount on waste in Preventive Maintenance will target either the Preventive Maintenance activity or its frequency.

Preventive Maintenance Activities

In several businesses, Preventive Maintenance activities are established over time with very little technical discipline supporting the choice method. This has resulted in Preventive Maintenance
activities that:
• are ineffective in police work the onset of failure,
• Duplicate the trouble of alternative preventive activities,
• are missing essential failures.

A review of Preventive Maintenance activities needs AN assessment of the modes and consequences of failure contrasted with the effectiveness of the planned or actual activity.

One technique of performing arts a review of Preventive Maintenance activities is theoretical failure analysis. Analyses during this class develop Preventive Maintenance activities supported AN analysis of failure risk.

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