Importance of Believing in Vastu

Importance of Believing in Vastu! Everybody must keep their home tidy and clutter-free to attract abundance and happiness. All the broken things that have lost value should be eradicated from home as soon as possible to make the most of positivity.

A well-ordered home brings clarity and peace to the households, one of the essential parts of Vastu. If you are still trying to figure out Vastu, you should go for a Vastu consultant online.

Importance of Vastu

Before you choose to go for an online Vastu consultant, you must understand Vastu’s importance in your house. One of the essential decoration elements is where people make mistakes in the living room decor. For example, the sofa in the living room must be in the West or the South corners.

Worshiping room

Every house today is a separate worshiping room known as a holy place. The flooring of that room must always be made from marble as the stone is considered prosperous for the temple. But you should avoid dark-colored flooring here. You can go for a Vastu consultant online and check what you should use in the worshiping room to get a happy vibe in your house.

Cooking position

Cooking is an everyday activity in all households, but you would be surprised that it has a unique phenomenon linked to it. The east side is known as the prosperous side, as per Vastu expert tips, making it very easy to get positive energy.

Main bedroom

The main bedroom of your house is essential and plays a crucial role. It relates to the head of the household for placing the bed’s headboard; you should go east or southwest. This is how Vastu benefits the family to lead a healthy life, and you must have a perfect bed position to lead a great life.

Some of the Vastu tips for a happy home

Entryway for the optimistic life

The Vastu experts suggest that the entrance of your home is the channel through which energies will enter your place. There is a simple rule to that which can help you attract energies that promote excellent health, happiness, and prosperity.

You can use an online Vastu consultant to help you learn more about the entryway. The important tips include ensuring that the main door will face the northeast, north, or east. It would be best to not build a bathroom near your main entrance.

It would be best to always hang well-designed nameplates outside the main door. Besides painting or hanging pictures of the holy symbols, including a swastika, you must hang bells and torans at the front door.

Vastu tips for your bedroom

The Vastu expert suggests that a bedroom is a safe place, and this is the area where you end up relaxing and rejuvenating while being yourself. If your bedroom is poorly designed, you can have many fights with your better half, harming your sleeping patterns and leading to health issues.

So it would be best if you always placed the bed in the southwest or South corner of the bedroom. Your head must point in that similar direction while you are resting. The Vastu tips will make it very easy for you to decorate your bedroom.

You should avoid placing a mirror in front of your bed, as mirrors can deplete personal energy and lead to many fights. For bedroom decor, you should always use soft pastel colors, including sky blue rows or soft green-white. Avoid placing electrical devices like computers, TV, and mobile phones in the bedroom. Even if you have to keep these items, switch them off at least one hour before sleeping.

Flush out all the negativity in the bathroom

Vastu experts suggest that the Bathroom area is often ignored regarding Vastu tips. Bathrooms, besides being functional, are generally the most neglected part. As a result, this area allows energy to drain out of the home. Always construct the bathroom in the northwest part of your house.

You should use neutral earthy colors like beige and brown for the bathroom interiors. It would be best to fix the water outlets, including wash basins and showers, in the north or east part of the bathroom. You must ensure your bathroom does not share a common wall with the pooja room bed. Please do not use any metal door for the bathroom as it can trap negative energy.


Above all, you should remove all the unnecessary items from your home, and to harness the positive energy, you should place the pooja room in the northeast or north part of your home. These are some Vastu tips that you should follow.

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