Men – Improving the Self to Meet Women

As we seek to better our lives on a personal level, both men and women become more attractive. The foundation you build for yourself brings or should bring the best out of you. This translates to every aspect of our lives. For dating purposes, there is but one ultimate element.

This factor either breaks or makes us. When you exude confidence as a man, women wonder why and they are drawn to you. As a woman, weak men might run away but the right man will come through. Whatever your status in life as a man, self-improvement will attract better women.

Shape up or Ship Out

You should keep it moving if you cannot look better, smell better, and act better. It means improving yourself if you expect smarter and more beautiful ladies to approach you. Or perhaps you need a specific type of woman to become your second half. This doesn’t happen accidentally.

Upon finding a lady on https://uadates.com/chubby-body-women there might be room for improvement or she walks away. There are a few ways men can ensure they are up to standards before, and after setting up a date. 


Be sure to show confidence in what you do or say and women always flock toward you. If they don’t offer themselves on a platter, they will eye you occasionally. Confidence is the best form of flirting. When women see this they automatically want to flirt with you or at least strike up a conversation.

It shows you have little time for flattery from other parties. A man who exudes confidence shouts ‘I am well enough without help.’ If he shows weakness, he needs help and women are not looking to offer sympathy.

Exude confidence so a woman knows she can have you forever. If you show confidence it means you can be a father, husband, and alpha male. Whining about life struggles et al doesn’t work to attract females.


Spend time making yourself look good for yourself and her. It means spending time at the gym to look good and possibly meet women too. Focus on visiting places where your type of woman is. It could be a bookstore, church, volunteer work, or the army. Whatever you do, spend time focusing on the type of woman you need and where they might be.


Register for online dating and meet women quickly. It takes a few minutes to get a profile up and running and begin chatting. After the profile is operational you can upload pictures exuding that confidence. Use neat and well-groomed pictures as opposed to beach shorts and flannel. Once you get the gist of the website begin using chatrooms and video calls to communicate with women.

It is loads easier than the hurdles of navigating bars. These chatrooms offer communication options where you can share visuals and naughty texts. If you feel the need to, you can share nudes. However, if you plan to meet desirable and upscale women it is advisable to stay well-groomed.

As you can see dressing the part is important but so is being in the right places. It takes a little bit of effort for ladies to notice you and feel attracted to you. The opposite is remaining mediocre and hoping these ladies still seek you.

Bottom Line

Regardless of where you are in life, it is important to better your appearance, attitude, and entire being. The best part of this process is it is ongoing and will always bring better women into your life. It takes two to tango though, so be sure to meet women who are making themselves better too

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