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In the late 70s, Microsoft founder Bill Gates developed an Atari computer game called “Missile Command.” He was so impressed with the game that he decided to create a version for his new Windows operating system. The game became immensely popular and was soon released on almost every computer platform in existence.

Although the original version of Minesweeper is no longer available on PCs it has been ported to many other systems including iPhones, Android phones and even Facebook games! In this article we’ll take a look at what makes Minesweeper so great and why people still play this classic arcade game today…

Section: A Brief History of Minesweeper

2 Introduction to Minesweeper

Minesweeper is a popular game that was created in 1978 by Will Rockwell. It’s an online version of the original board game, which means it allows players to compete against each other over the internet.

The rules are simple: Players place their mouse pointer on an unoccupied square on the board and click when they want to mark it as their own. If there are mines around that square, then you’ll be blown up!

Players can choose between four different difficulty levels (easy, hard, expert and suicidal) depending on how skilled they are at this particular game—and if they’re feeling adventurous or just want something different from what everyone else plays at home every day… (If so…)

3 How Do You Play Minesweeper?

You can play minesweeper by clicking on a square. If the square contains a number, you will see that number. If it has a flag, you will see how many flags are in that square and where they are located.

If the game is configured to have multiple levels of difficulty (which is often the case), then each level has its own set of rules for playing on it:

-On the easiest level, you are only allowed to click on squares that contain numbers. -On the next level up, you are also allowed to click on squares with flags. -The final level allows you to click on any square at all (including those that do not contain numbers or flags).

4 Rules of the Game.

4 Rules of the Game

  • There are 5 mines on the board. You must not mark a tile that contains a mine.
  • You can mark a tile as a mine or a blank by clicking on it. The game will show you if you have marked an illegal space, so please double check your work!

You can mark a tile as a mine or blank by clicking on it. The game will show you if you have marked an illegal space, so please double check your work! If you mark a space that contains a mine, the game will give you another chance to mark another tile.

Get some hints and tips to play minesweeper.

The first step to playing minesweeper is to get a free trial of the game. You can do this by clicking on the banner above, or if you’re on mobile, just go to Google Play and download it from there.

Once you’ve downloaded Minesweeper, open it up and click “Play Mine Sweeper”:

The next thing that will happen is that you’ll be given a grid filled with numbers representing where bombs are lying around (1-9). There are also some flags in certain places on these grids—flags are small yellow squares marked with an X over them—and when they’re present in a particular spot on your grid, it means that there’s no bomb at all (as opposed to being covered by one). If there’s no flag present after finding all mines, then congratulations: You’ve won! However if there is still something left over once finding all ten bombs… well… good luck with that one!


If you are looking for a fun and challenging game, then Minesweeper is the answer. This game can be played by anyone of any age. The rules are very simple and easy to follow so it’s never been easier than now!

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