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Managing Your Office With DeskFlex

Whether you’re in the market for an office management software solution or simply looking for a way to improve your workplace, you may be interested in DeskFlex. This product is COVID-compliant, provides a map-like overview of your office, and integrates with Outlook calendaring. It can also help you keep track of how your employees use workspaces and conference rooms.

Integrates with Outlook calendaring

Whether you’re an employee or a manager, you can manage your schedules by using DeskFlex’s online booking software. This multi-purpose software has been designed to meet the needs of businesses, organizations, and educational institutions. This software is also useful for individuals who work from home.

DeskFlex allows you to reserve workspaces in advance. This allows you to schedule appointments and meetings without worrying about running out of room. It’s also easy to set up and modify reservations. You can even copy the information across multiple bookings.

DeskFlex also integrates with Microsoft Outlook calendaring. This means that employees can create reservations right from their email. This is useful for businesses and organizations that have many different departments. It also helps track space booking data for administrators.

Monitors the use of workspaces, conference rooms, and equipment

Fortunately, modern technology solutions are able to address some of our most pressing workplace safety concerns. Whether it’s an interactive display, a mobile app, or something in between, it’s important to have the right tools in the right places at the right time. Besides securing collaboration, modern technology solutions also help to lower real estate costs.

A well-designed conference room scheduling software solution will help streamline your room booking process and give you real-time insights into space utilization. This information can help you budget wisely and make the best use of your real estate. The best part is that your employees aren’t left out in the cold. They’re still able to participate in meetings even while they’re at the gym or hanging out with the kids.

Provides a map-like overview of the office

Managing an office is no small feat, and DeskFlex does the heavy lifting for you. Whether in charge of a single office or an entire enterprise, DeskFlex can help you make room for more people and improve employee productivity. It’s also a great way to track facility usage and minimize energy costs. With DeskFlex’s free conference room booking app, you can schedule meetings and events without breaking the bank.

The software’s 3D floor maps are a fun way to visualize the layout of your office. You can also check in and out of the office, and it’s easy to see what rooms are available and which are occupied. The software’s resource planning system ensures that every available room is utilized.

The software also has a dashboard that shows you what’s happening at your desk. It’s also easy to find and view your colleagues. Its nifty little widgets are designed to help people find the things they need to get their jobs done.

Offers a 30-day free preliminary

Using a DeskFlex service can help reduce the cost of renting office space and increase employee productivity. This cloud-based software allows you to track, save and manage your office resources. It also allows you to create and manage meetings and events. You can also set up an online calendar for your staff, which helps you find the best time to hold your meetings.

DeskFlex also offers a free preliminary for your first month of use. This is a great way to test the service before you actually use it. During the primary, you’ll receive a COVID-19 survey that lets you test how the service works.

The DeskFlex conference room management system integrates email, SMS messaging, video conferencing tools, and an event scheduling system. It has been successful for over two decades.

Is COVID-compliant

Designed with the goal of ensuring workplace safety, Desk Flex has a wide range of software features. These include an innovative vaccine management solution that helps organizations meet COVID-19 requirements. It also helps staff stay on top of vaccination schedules.

Desk Flex also offers contact tracing, which helps ensure that company policies are being followed. The system also uses Bluetooth beacons to locate employees and equipment. It also helps businesses hire new employees, which can save organizations money.

DeskFlex also has a Thermal Scanning feature that detects people who are too hot or cold. It also has a Facial Mask Detection solution that helps detect people who are not wearing masks.

DeskFlex also integrates with a number of other software and devices. It is compatible with Microsoft Exchange, MS Exchange Online, Cisco Cyber Security Systems 4.3(x), Okta Integrations, and Zapier.


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