What is Orbeez Gun?

Orbeez Gun is a new toy that is quickly gaining popularity. People are using it for a variety of purposes, including shooting candy out of it, making mini ice cream cones, and even making balloon animals.

What is Orbeez Gun?

Orbeez Gun is a toy that consists of two parts – an upper part that looks like a gun barrel, and a lower part that resembles an orange juice can. The goal is to shoot the orange juice can off the top of the gun by pressing down on the trigger.

Where Can I Buy Orbeez Gun?

Orbeez Gun can be purchased online or at most major retailers.

What is an Orbeez gun?

Orbeez guns are novelty water guns that use compressed air to shoot a stream of water. They are typically small enough to fit in the palm of one’s hand and come in different colors and designs.

How does the Orbeez gun work?

The Orbeez gun is a battery-operated toy that shoots small pellets of water-absorbing polymer balls. When the pellets hit a surface, they expand and turn into squishy, gel-like balls. The Orbeez gun is popular with children and adults alike because it is a fun way to make things more difficult for cleanup.

Potential dangers of using an Orbeez gun

Potential dangers of using an orbeez gun include the following:

1. Orbeez guns can shoot out small beads at high speeds, which can pose a serious risk of eye injury.

2. If not used properly, orbeez gun can also shoot beads into sensitive areas such as the ear canal, which can cause hearing damage or even rupture the eardrum.

3. In rare cases, some people may be allergic to Orbeez beads and could experience a skin reaction if exposed to them.


Are you looking for an exciting way to keep your friends and family entertained? Orbeez guns are perfect for just that! These little blasters shoot small pieces of flavored gel, which makes them a lot of fun to use. Plus, the Orbeez guns are made from safe materials so you can be sure they won’t cause any harm.

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