Your Graphic Design Marketing Materials Should Use Copywriting Conventions

Your design materials should use professional copywriting conventions, abbreviations, and jargon to help prospects decide how best to take action. Communicating through language is an effective way to provide clarity and understanding in a crowded marketplace!


The purpose of good graphic design is to create a pleasing, professional appearance for your website or product. One of the most important aspects of good graphic design is effective copywriting. Graphic designers use copywriting conventions to create effective marketing materials, such as brochures, webpages, and e-mails. This article discusses seven common copywriting conventions and how you can use them in your graphic design marketing materials.

The Role of Copywriting Conventions in Marketing Materials

Copywriting conventions can make a big difference in the effectiveness of your marketing materials. Here are six of the most common: 

1. Start with a strong headline.

Headlines that are catchy and attention-grabbing will help you stand out from the competition. Make sure that the headline is relevant to your target audience and reflects the main message of your content.

2. Use clear, concise language.

Your readers should be able to understand what you’re saying without having to read between the lines. Use active and direct language that avoids jargon and technical terms.

3. Keep your copy simple and easy to understand.

Your readers should be able to take action after reading your content – no matter what level of expertise they have in graphic design or marketing. Keep your writing simple and straightforward, without unnecessary fluff or jargon.

4. Use images wisely.

Images can add spice and visual interest to your writing, helping to draw readers in and keep them engaged. Make sure that you use images that support your message – don’t rely on them just for decoration purposes!

5. Use headings and subheadings liberally.

Reason for Using Copywriting Conventions in Marketing Materials

Copywriting conventions are a way to keep your marketing materials organized, engaging, and persuasive. They can help you create effective messages that resonate with your target audience. Here are four reasons to use copywriting conventions in your marketing materials:

1. To improve readability. When using copywriting conventions, you’ll reduce the amount of text on your page and make it easier for your audience to digest. This will not only make your marketing materials more effective, but also increase their chances of being shared or clicked through.

2. To increase engagement. Copywriting conventions can help you draw readers in by creating an engaging and captivating environment. This will encourage them to keep reading and take action, which is essential in driving leads and conversions.

3. To create a sense of urgency. By making your marketing materials sound urgent, you can compel potential customers to take action right away. This will help you build trust and gain their commitment faster – essential in winning sales transactions.

4. To become more persuasive. Copywriting conventions can help you create messages that are more likely to be accepted and acted upon by your target audience. This will help you achieve your business goals faster than


As a graphic designer, it’s important to use effective copywriting conventions in order to create marketing materials that persuade your target audience to take action. Whether you’re creating brochures, email campaigns, or even just social media posts, following some basic conventions can help make your messages more persuasive and likely to be successful. As you can see from the list below, there are many different types of copywriting formats out there, so be sure to choose one that will work best for the type of content you’re creating.

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