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Cargo Ship Travel! Amazing Adventure!

Cargo Ship! Life finds you This is day one of us starting our sailing into the Atlantic ocean the boat is booting up And it’s starting to make noises sudden. That’s that means are getting ready to leave Portugal we are leaving the dock right now very very very slowly for the next 10 days I will be completely disconnected from everything that means no phone calls.

I mean no internet that means nothing this is our final few moments to say [goodbye] to dry land say we’re off ladies and gentlemen and that big open blue Hey there boys and girls.

It’s a new morning on this ship so yesterday It was very very rocky this is our first full morning in the Atlantic ocean [I’m] gonna try to show you guys what I do most of the time on the ship so right now I’m gonna head out to the gym and [workout] This is our swanky little gym a bunch of machines here [I] mostly focus on using the punching bags, then I do a bunch of callanetics or down sometimes.

I use this and dumbbells and here We have a sweet little hot tub and then here [yatta] sauna Pretty much the coolest gym on the play, huh? Hey, good morning closest it is the day, two of Sailing out on the Atlantic Ocean and I’m bored, so I’m going to do something with this Situation on my face let’s see what happens Hi, it’s me Pause [at] sappy stuff.

We’re all good It’s fun out here But today, we’re supposed to be passing by a group of Portuguese Islands called the Azores and I will be having breakfast in a little bit and then I’ll be heading up to the bridge and trying to spot those [islands] So why don’t you guys come [along] with me because we have literally nothing better to do Because we’re on the ship in the middle of the ocean Well.

I came out to try to find the islands But uh miss abilities really [long] as it looks like we’re about to head into a storm That’s gonna be exciting. [huh] wow everything is so dark know if you guys can see this But there’s actually the islands are right there behind us Wow beautiful good morning The whole boat [is] shaking. It’s like 6:00 a.m… And there is a full storm here in the Atlantic Ocean and holy bananas that is a little scary, huh? Like we usually do on this channel on something scary.

Let’s push it to the next limit Let’s go on outside. See what it looks like with our own two eyes Oh, man. I really hope the camera can do to justice Jeez oh my God What is happening right now? I don’t know if you guys can see the boat is literally going above the Horizon line all right so these waves are a little bit too crazy for me to not get it on camera from the top so the head of the Bridge see we get some cool shots for you Fellas Hey, we’re basically riding which storms all around us right now – this way whichever way that is 8th class.

I’m sorry I really say [this] Instead of going up and down today. This ship is designed to roll So we’re going left and right it has literally become impossible to do any simple task. [I] can’t stand up I can’t look in the mirror. I can’t even brush my teeth. I can’t even pee standing up I have to sit down when I pee because if I stand up, I’m Not Gonna Go further than that check this shit out.

Look. It’s like the ship is drunk it just can’t huh? Okay, I’ll fall [over] so dave for etsy. What are we doing today? I’ve been wanting to try to give you guys a tour of the whole ship, but we’ve had really bad weather So they’re kind of [reluctantly] letting us out and everything our subscribe really started by One hour [I] Share it.

Just not really thought what outline thank you [dirty], bitch So a tour [of] the ship let’s get started We’re currently in the farthest back point of the ship this is where they have very few cargo containers Most of the whole is in the front of the ship and the giant propellers are right there making [a] Giant whirlpool So this is referred to as my knowledge is to the upper deck [is] basically the lowest point of the ship we can be on And it extends all the way No, this is the ship’s office a lot of the business handled from here.

We go to the engine room This is the next deck up. Which is the V deck And here we usually have our estimated time [of] arrival to the next port and when it says a 1-hour retar tonight Just means to change your clock one hour back, so this is where we eat our meals Everybody has a designated a table and chair. This is my chair my table, and this is where the captain usually sits the first officer C deck is where we have the gym which you? Oh there.

Ain’t really much for us to see on the D-R-e deck, but on the aft deck Where we live so this is the hallway where the passengers live, and this right? Here is my room Called the [supercargo]. [I] will show [them] a room once again [a] living room I got this and here’s a fridge and some food and cabinets and a wonderfully amazing bathroom that is way too big for what I need and A huge bed with a bed that’s bigger than the one I have in my own home It’s not a bad bargain [all] right now.

We’re gonna head back up the stairs one more level to the g deck The only real important thing on the g deck is the washing machine Then going upwe have two kinds of wings that hang Out the office like little balconies that we can hang out and just watch the ocean and aren’t really on them Andthat’s the back of the ship and then the front of the ship is right over here.It’s the morning of the day I think seven the [weather’s] calm down.

I just got authorization for a hit to the front of the boat to the bow oh As per regulation I gotta wear my ring eating a little helmet where the anchors are and [these] [freezing] portholes right here where we can see? They’re really tiny I’m going to try to get on my camera, but check this out you I have no idea what that sound meant, but I’m rushing back to the front of the ship kind [of] scared are multiple enough, [so] thankfully everything’s fine We have our last change in time today before we officially get back on the East Coast time zone.

I thought it’d bring you guys up on the bridge to show you his sunsets crank up light in the sky Kind of hand of continuing to port everglades in Fort Lauderdale, and then I will be leaving this beautiful ship I think we’re [gonna] [end] this chapter here as this is our last full day [in] the ocean it was definitely an eye-opening and emotional experience [for] I and I will see you guys tomorrow When we do something else I love.

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